01 December 2017 ( 225 views )

Georgina Rodriguez Shares Rare Touching Message to Boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo

These two are giving us all the feels! 

Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez have been very private about their relationship, but as of late, the two are sharing a lot more with fans. 

Rodriguez, who is expecting her first child with the soccer stud, wrote a touching post today to about her love for the 32-year-old athlete. 

"What a special day! Let's toast for now without alcohol and instead with your well-deserved trophies. For all of your effort, dedication, sacrifice, and so many hours of training to be at another level," the Spanish model writes as a caption on an Instagram post. "Your life is soccer, and this is clearly reflected on the field.

"Keep being like this, always striving, and I'll be here by your side, supporting you, giving you love, tranquility and all that you need when you get home. In good times and in bad times, because there couldn't be any other way. We love and admire you, champion." 

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